FLAMEDXX Fire Retardant OSB Sheathing:
It’s a better board.™

FLAMEDXX = Heavy duty protection from a lightweight board.BannerAd
FLAMEDXX has developed a proprietary process to weave a technologically advanced overlay coating to each OSB panel. The results? Fire retardant OSB panels significantly lighter than other fire retardant OSB panels or plywood. And, FLAMEDXX installs like conventional OSB panels – no special tools or fasteners required.

FLAMEDXX = Innovative solution to protect your bottom line.
FLAMEDXX OSB panels are easy-to-handle, long lasting, and provide structural performance. Plus, FLAMEDXX typically costs less than fire retardant plywood and other fire retardant OSB panels on the market.

FLAMEDXX = Demand is growing. Call us to find out why.
Millions of FLAMEDXX OSB panels have been installed on more than 1,000 projects across the United States and Canada. For more information contact (615) 297-2000 or info@FLAMEDXX.com.


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