3 Industry Trends from Summit of the Americas

By on Jun 7, 2016

Three of the major construction industry trends discussed during the Summit of the Americas are highlighted. When considering these trends and include an international perspective, we are quite excited about the possibilities within the construction industry worldwide.

Construction growth expected to continue

By on May 19, 2016

Construction growth expected to continue: The “Optimism Quotient” was an exceptionally high 130 in 2015 and is still a highly-optimistic 108 for 2016. This blog summarizes growth trends we expect to see.

Preventing falls on job sites

By on Apr 14, 2016

Falls continue to be a problem on construction sites, as early data showed 337 of the 874 construction deaths in 2014 were attributed to falls. This blog identifies several suggestions to help prevent falls and keep your job site safe.

Just-in-Time Delivery versus a Blizzard

By on Jan 27, 2016

Construction industry leaders strive for precision in all we do: exact construction plans, accurate estimating, detailed scheduling and meticulous project management. But there is always the unexpected, the unforeseen and the unanticipated. These competing dynamics set up an epic battle during the past few weeks for FLAMEDXX, pitting our commitment to just-in-time delivery versus heavy snow and ice.

Hidden costs: Busted tools and battered crews

By on Jan 12, 2016

Whether it is a child’s dollhouse or a multifamily development, the feelings generated by not having the right tools are the same: aggravation and frustration. Wrong tools mean: More money. More time. More disappointment. One step to help you avoid this ….

Construction Safety: Good News / Bad News

By on Dec 14, 2015

Annual report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics gives Good News and Bad News: Rate of Fatalities in Construction Industry Down; Number of Deaths Up

Industry Fashions Better Building Materials

By on Nov 12, 2015

Building materials have significantly improved during the past 40 years. Manufacturers have worked diligently with researchers to fashion new, innovative solutions that have improved building materials. We’ll do our part to continue this trend ….

Faster Burning Fire? Faster Spreading Smoke?

By on Oct 8, 2015

“You used to have 17 minutes to get out of a house, now it’s four before smoke conditions alone are overwhelming.” Find out what’s changed ….