Faster Burning Fire? Faster Spreading Smoke?

By on Oct 8, 2015

I’m often asked, “How did you get into the business you’re in” and/or “Why are you in the business you’re in?” Well, pretty simply put: we’re in this business because fires can be devastating to people and businesses. And we have a fire retardant product that can slow the spread of fire … hopefully giving people the time they need to escape and fire fighters a better chance to stop its spread.

Quick Facts:
• On average a structural fire occurs about once every minute
• The two groups who are at the greatest risk for dying in a home fire are seniors over 65 and children under five.

Those quick facts are great if you’re a fireman; it means job security. But it’s not so great for the rest of us. And that’s why we do what we do: FLAMEDXX OSB panels, as well as other flame retardant materials, give the building and construction industry tools that they can use to combat fires.

And we need these fire retardants more than ever:

“You used to have 17 minutes to get out of a house, now it’s four before smoke conditions alone are overwhelming.”
– James Dalton, Chicago Fire Department Firefighter/EMT and partner of Underwriters Laboratories

More information on this phenomenon can be found here:

It still can be hard to believe that the time to exit a house has decreased this much, though. We tend to think that because of scientific innovations, our building materials and buildings are safer. But this is not necessarily the case. The heat release rate drives the intensity of a fire. And many of the materials used now in furniture, carpets, drapes and other household products can increase the heat release rate more than past products did.

And that is one key reason why we and other manufacturers of building materials need to redouble our efforts to provide safer, more fire retardant products. By leveraging our respective technological advances, we as an industry can help to reduce the devastation fire causes to families and businesses.

That’s what we strive to do every day at FLAMEDXX. That’s why we are in the business we’re in … call or email to learn more.