Hidden costs: Busted tools and battered crews

By on Jan 12, 2016

We’ve all been there: just bought it, ready to use it, and don’t have the right tools to put it together.

Whether this is a child’s dollhouse or a multifamily development, the feelings are the same: aggravation and frustration. Wrong tools mean: More money. More time. More disappointment.

On a job site, these frustrations increase because they involve more people and more cash. On a large scale, we’ve seen the lack of proper tools set back project timelines, lessen worker productivity and reduce the overall profitability of the job.

No one likes it. But seemingly, no one sees it coming.

Lack of Communication

Often communication is lost between the estimator, project manager and crew chiefs. A real life example is with one of our competitor’s fire retardant boards. This board requires special tools and/or special fasteners to install.

We’ve heard of setbacks happening multiple times. Unfortunately, the framing crew didn’t get the message from the project manager (who may or may not have gotten it from higher up the food chain). Either way, the framing crew doesn’t have the tools needed to install the boards. The crew scrambles to get the job done … frustrating them.

Or worse, they try to make due. They bust an expensive tool on material not suited for the board. We’ve heard of many a high-end saw blade broken with the best intentions (trying to get the job done). But wood saws can’t cut concrete layers. It’s expensive and can be demoralizing to the crew.

Unintended Consequences

Everybody is approaching the job with the best intentions. A fire retardant board was selected. Great choice now and in the future (especially if there is a fire). Unfortunately, enough research wasn’t done to learn that, while that particular board will work to slow the spread of fire, it is a real pain to install.

Everybody is moving fast to meet a deadline when selecting materials for a job. But many of our competitors’ boards need unusual tools for installation. So sometimes, even though you think you’re making the right decision, i.e., based on price or a referral, there are unintended consequences that can set you back. It is impossible to anticipate everything with every tool, every material, and every situation. This leads to incomplete analysis … and unintended consequences.

If you’re looking for a flame retardant board without unintended consequences, give FLAMEDXX OSB a chance. It’s a high quality board that does not require special tools or fasteners to install. Our board handles just like regular plywood or OSB. That means you won’t run into any unintended consequences, like a busted tool or a battered crew.

P.S. Switching topics to something just published: Studies are starting to show correlation between safety and quality work. More here: “Study Confirms Link Between Quality Work and Safety”